Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Congressman Duke Cunningham Resigns

In the latest of a barrage of scandals besieging the Republican Party, California Congressman Duke Cunningham announced his resignation from the legislative body on Monday after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraudk, and tax evasion.
The investigation began in 2003, when Cunningham sold his California home to a defense contractor for the highly inflated price of $1.6 million. Using this money, Following the initial purchase, the defense contractor, whose company Cunningham had lobbied for, resold the house for $700,000.00 less that what he had bought it for. Cunningham received further bribes in the form of jewelry, antique furniture, and cash. Prosecutors estimate that the Congressman took a total of $2.4-2.5 million in bribes over a period of two years, enabling him to purchase, among other things, a yacht and a suburban Washington condominium.
The plea, already damaging to a Republican Party that has seen its top members under legal fire for the better part of 2005, threatens to become an even larger problem, with rumors circulating Capitol Hill that Cunningham will implicate other corrupt members of Congress in a deal with the prosecutor. If that happens, the Republican Party could face significant losses in its leadership. The debacle only adds fuel to an already growing fire surrounding the 2006 Congressional campaign.
Many Republicans are ominous about next year's elections, predicting that their party could lose control of both houses of Congress. That, coupled with a President whose approval rating is 35% and a strong pool of Democratic candidates for 2008, bodes ill for the Right and only too well for the Left.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Message To Our Readers Regarding Debate Coordination

ConservativeDemocratNews has entered into a partnership (of sorts) with the blog Republican and Proud (, a conservative website dedicated to the Right Wing. We have done this to encourage healthy political debate and discourse between our readers. As such, we urge all visitors to this site to also visit our sister site and give their opinions about certain issues to a conservative base. The articles that the two sites run are coordinated to focus on roughly the same topics.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Democrats Win Big Victories

In a surprise gubernatorial sweep, Democratic candidates have retained governorships in New Jersey and Virginia. The elections, held on November 8th, came as a sharp message to many incumbent Republicans facing their own reelection campaigns in 2006. The New Jersey race, bitterly fought and noted for its unprecedented amount of character assault and brutal mudslinging, was won handily by Democratic U.S. Senator John Corzine, who defeated Republican businessman Douglas Forrester by a wider margin than had been expected.
More eye-opening, however, was the triumph of Democrat Tim Kaine in the gubernatorial race of one of our nation’s Reddest states, Virginia. Both sides had polled a statistical dead heat and were calling for a razor thin victory, but in the end Kaine won over Republican Jerry Kilgore by 51%-46%, a significant margin.
The political tides in Virginia bode ominous for an already beleaguered Republican Party and have served to efface any doubt as to the attitude in the nation as a whole. If even Virginia, that rock of conservatism that stood solidly behind George W. Bush in 2004, is rejecting Republican candidates, the incumbent party is in trouble. Perhaps adding insult to injury, President Bush’s appearance in the state in the last days of the campaign seems to have weakened rather than strengthened Kilgore’s effort to win the Governor’s Mansion. The embarrassing experience seems only to confirm the President’s growing inability to effectively lead, his essential impotence in the alarming political affairs of the country, and the fact that he has become a liability to his fellow conservatives.
This is a President whose Administration has sunk, and, with a 35% approval rating, things don’t seem like they will be getting better any time soon. Really, the Virginia race is a statement about America, about an America that is coming to fully understand and to fully repudiate the policies of the Republican Right. Today, Ohio, the crucial state that handed President Bush his victory in the 2004 Election, is more liberal than neighboring Illinois.
In California, where Arnold Schwarzenegger sailed into the Governor’s Mansion on a wave of popular approval in 2002, the public has rejected all four of his key policy initiatives. Even the Reddest of the Red States, discontent is fomenting. Across the country, those who were once stalwart supporters of the Bush Administration now speak out against it.
“I’ve become an Independent,” they say. “I just can’t support this Administration anymore.”
“The President claims to represent Christians, but he is so corrupt,” the remark despairingly.
“I’m voting Democratic for the first time in my life,” they tell delighted poll workers.
More and more, the 2006 Congressional elections are beginning to look like a Democratic sweep, and many analysts have cautioned that the Republican majority could well lose both houses of Congress next November. Still others are already looking to the 2008 presidential race.
“ ’08! ’08! ’08!” came the thunderous roar from the Virginia throngs as Governor Mark Warner yielded to podium to his successor at Kaine’s acceptance speech. The Governor just smiled and waved his hand dismissively as the Governor-Elect began to address his ecstatic supporters. The sentiment, however, is irrepressible and will likely make for watershed votes in 2006 and 2008. We can only wait.