Friday, October 28, 2005


In the last twenty-four hours, a whirlwind of the political upsets has swept the nation's capital city and left the Bush White House scremabling to pick up the pieces. Just yesterday afternoon, beleagured Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination. Minutes ago, meanwhile, former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis Libby was indicted by a grand jury on charges of purjury, obstruction of justice, and making false statements in the CIA leak case. Today is not a good day for the Bush Administration or the Republican Party. Karl Rove, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, has escaped indictment for now but remains under criminal invcestigation by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. ConservativeDemocratNews will have more cfommentary in the coming days as these historic events unfold in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Washington Waits

As the federal grand jury investigating the Valerie Plame leak case prepares to expire on Friday, the nation's capital city is abuzz with speculation about the actions that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will take. The general consensus seems to be that someone will be indicted, but who, and on what charges?
Among most political observers, Karl Rove is a given, with Lewis Libby not far behind and the Vice President becoming an ever more likely target. News on the matter is expected to break at any hour, and ConservativeDemocratNews will keep you posted on what happens.
We will soon be publishing an article dealing with the possible repurcussions that these troubles could have on the Bush Administration.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


This is the personal telephone number of a one Dr. Kabon at the University of North Carolina, who recently advocated the extermination of the entire white race as a "final solution" to the racial tension in the United States. Mr Kabon believes that all whites are evil. Give him a call and let him know what you think.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Scandal?

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the Bush Administration and the Republican Party, you thought wrong. Of course, with the President’s approval rating at 36%, half of the Administration under criminal investigation, and the Democrats expected to make a historic, 1994-esque sweep just next year, your incredulity would be justified. It was also, however, be misplaced.
The U.S. Attorney’s office for Washington, D.C. has announced that it is investigating, in conjunction with the Government Accountability Office and the Department of Education, payments that the Bushy White House made to conservative media pundit Armstrong Williams in exchange for his public praise of the Administration’s largely unpopular No Child Left Behind Act. Congressional auditors already looking into the case on the behalf of the GAO have determined that the White House, through the Department of Education, had engaged in illegal, “covert propaganda,” not altogether surprising given this Administration’s almost unprecedented mastery of spin and staged photo-ops. That veneer has, due to separate criminal investigations of such figures as Karl Rove, begun to fall away, further revealing the corruption and disingenuousness within. This is, after all, the same White House that forbade journalists from photographing the coffins of fallen soldiers coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Scandal and Corruption: The Election of 2006

The Republican majority in Washington continues to be torn apart as more and more major Republican figures fall to the scrutiny of our nation’s judicial system. This morning, the news went public that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has been subpoenaed to testify before the Securities and Exchange Commission amidst allegations of insider trading regarding the Senator’s sale of HCA stock just days before the company announced unsatisfactory earnings. HCA was co-founded by Frist’s father and brother. Frist, if indicted, will almost certainly surrender his post as Senate Majority Leader, making him the second nationally known Republican to be forced out of an office by his own illegal (or, at any rate, immoral) dealings.
Frist is not the only conservative under the public microscope, nor is he the only one to be facing charges in the very near future. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, President Bush’s top political adviser, is expected to testify for his fourth time today before a grand jury investigating the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity. Thoguh no accusations against Rove have been officially leveled, the frequency with which he now appears in court is a sign all its own.
“No one wants to be that close to a grand jury,” remarked Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist under President Clinton, on CNN’s Situation Room (a grossly distorted, largely vapid substitute for Judy Woodruff’s brilliant, “Inside Politics”). Begala went on to say, “My friends [the former President and First Lady] went before a grand jury, and it’s not pretty.”
The grand jury’s terms expires on October 28th after a two-year investigation, so any indictments to be handed out will likely come within days. Anonymous officials say that the White House is preparing for what is thought to be an “inevitable” series of charges from the office of zealous and efficient prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald (who, it should be noted, recently indicted the top aides to Chicago’s Democratic mayor, Richard M. Daley).
The most likely target of indictment will certainly be Karl Rove, but many have hypothesized that Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis Libby and even possible Vice President Dick Cheney himself could be hauled into court. While the Vice President’s indictment seems highly unlikely, Lewis Libby is in more danger than anyone in the White House would like to admit.
The numerous testimonies by Karl Rove has been a public relations disaster in its own right, and even in the unlikely event that charges aren’t brought up, this bit of nastiness will remain in the public mind for years to come. Given the extremely acidic political climate in the United States and the current disfavor that many feel towards President Bush, just one indictment of a White House insider could bring down the entire Bush presidency. Rove is by far the most important adviser the President has, and he is also the most likely to be indicted. Rove’s removal from his position as Bush’s top political analyst would cripple this White House, further contributing to the already startling pace at which the Republican Party seems to be losing its footing.
Tom DeLay, meanwhile, will soon appear before a grand jury, and his defense team is frantically trying to have the case against the former House Majority Leader dismissed before it can proceed fully onto the public stage. Today, DeLay’s defense attorneys subpoenaed Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle, who brought formal charges against DeLay in September. DeLay’s team is seeking to release the grand jury from its oath of secrecy so that its members can testify about Earle’s alleged illegal doings to effect the DeLay indictment. Supposedly, Earle browbeat the grand jury into charging the Congressman, an accusation that will be difficult to prove, especially as one grand juror has already come forth to say that the assertion is, in his own words, “bullshit.” The bottom line of it is that no matter how the White House spins its mythical adherence to “moral values,” the party that came to power in 1994 promising Congressional accountability has very much become an immoral majority. If things continue as they have been, it is not unrealistic to think that 2006 will be a Democratic heyday.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On the Verge of Collapse

September 21(October 4), 2005
As the 2006 Congressional campaign dawns on America, the Republican Party, as recently as several months ago the unchallenged titan of U.S. political power, finds itself under assault from all directions. Last Wednesday, on September 28th, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was indicted by a Texas grand jury on conspiracy charges stemming from his involvement in the transferal of corporate money to Texas state campaigns. The move, illegal under Texas law, could earn DeLay a two-year prison sentence and a $10,000.00 fine. Jon Stwart, who joked just weeks ago on the Daily Show of DeLay being a convicted felon, could now find his jests strangely prophetic.
And the hammer of justice has come down a second time on the Hammer of the House today, as the same grand jury that charged him less than a week ago with conspiracy has now indicted him for money laundering (an action that he calls, “an abomination of justice.”) Despite DeLay’s assertions that the prosecutor (who has indicted twelve Democrats and only three Republicans in his career) acted on political motivations, the accusations are a burden from which the former Majority Leader will likely not recover. No one speaks of reelection; reelection is at best a dim possibility in this Congressman’s very bleak future. DeLay aides and Congressional insiders freely admit that most of his energies will be spent on what promises to be an exhaustive legal defense. The general consensus in Washington is that, even if acquitted, Mr. DeLay will simply not have the resources (financial or otherwise) to salvage his political career.The effective incapacitation of the legislative bull on whom it has depended for so long is only one of many political upsets that are plaguing the Republican Party. In the Senate, Majority Leader Bill Frist could very well face an indictment similar to Mr. DeLay’s should an SEC investigation into his financial practices reveal that he is guilty of insider trading. That charge was leveled after the Tennessee Senator sold a significant portion of his stocks in HCA, a healthcare company founded by the Frist family, only weeks before the corporation announced unsatisfactory quarter earnings. The Securities and Exchange Commission is currently looking into the matter to find if anything illegal was done.
The scandal and corruption extends beyond Republicans in Congress, however, reaching to the highest executive power in our nation, the Oval Office. Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis Libby have both been implicated in a plot to take political revenge on former U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson by outing his wife, Valerie Plame, as an undercover CIA agent. Matters have been made even worse by the President’s seeming inconsistency regarding the actions of his staff members, first saying that he would terminate anyone involved in a crime, then saying he would terminate anyone indicted on charges, and finally saying that he would terminate anyone convicted of charges. The general impression seems to be that the President has no intention of quashing the dishonesty and perhaps even outright illegality that seems to flourish in his Administration.
This all comes as the President’s approval rating hovers around 40% and questions regarding his motives for the Iraq war grow louder and more persistent.