Monday, September 26, 2005

March on Washington

The Washington area was jammed on Saturday with thousands of protestors who converged on the capital from all parts of the country. 100,000 men and women poured onto the National Mall, addressing their grievances to a silent and uncaring White House. President Bush, away in Colorado to supervise hurricane recovery efforts, did not acknowledge what amounts to the largest protest in D.C. since the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
The enormous crowd seemed to mirror the dissatisfied masses of a nation, both in sheer size and in the diversity of the participants; in addition to the inherent leagues of college students with their Polo shirts and ponytails, the pristine white walls of our finest public institutions were besieged with nuns, parents of killed soldiers, former veterans, and regular American citizens (the “Heartland” voters who gave Bush a second term in office) who were protesting for the very first time.
It is the legions of ordinary people who make the most powerful statement, not the flaming liberals with their fiery signs and colorful attire.

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