Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Summer of Politics

Between the unprecedented recess appointment of John Bolton as ambassador to the U.N., the rising price of oil (even without Hurricane Katrina), the growing unease with Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, and President Bush's shockingly low approval rating of 36% (lower than Richard Nixon's at the height of the Watergate scandal), there is a lot to talk about and a lot that will be happening this Fall.
Here at ConservativeDemocratNews, we will be sure to cover it all with the best insights that we can manage. Congress is back in session on August 24th(September 6th), and then the games will begin.


Blogger RightDemocrat said...

Democrats need a new direction
Joe Gandelman has a great column on The Moderate Voice about the direction of the Democratic Party. I agree that the Democrats cannot continue to go on without a change in course. The Democratic Party must appeal to the center. Democrats need to be strong on national defense and security. As a Democrat, I am tired of seeing my party lose elections because it is dominated by single issue activists with a hard-line environmentalist, civil libertarian, abortion rights or gay rights agenda. At some point, you have to connect with rank and file working class Democrats and mainstream America. Democrats are otherwise doomed to a permanent minority status.


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