Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Some Numbers...

Here are the most recent polling numbers, gauging the opinions of the American people concerning a variety of issues.

President Bush's Job Approval Rating: 43% (an unprecedented low for a wartime president, or for any president at such an early point in their second term)
Approval Rating of Democrats in Congress: 39% (showing than Democrats are being too weak and are not doing enough to stand up to the Republicans and put forth good ideas)
Approval Rating for Republicans in Congress: 35% (showing that the American people don't like their extremist policies or their shameful exploitation of religion)

In the words of one CNN correspondent, "2006 is going to be an interesting year."

Many are looking even further ahead than that, to the 2008 presidential race. One Democratic strategist was moved to remark yesterday that, "After three more years of this [the Bush Administration], the country is going to be so screwed up that people are going to be ready for a change."

If current trends continue and the president's approval rating maintains its downward spiral, the Democrats may be right.


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