Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Democrats Win Victory in House Ethics Brawl

April 21(May 4), 2005
In a monumental development in the ethics debacle that has held the whole of Washington entranced for weeks, Democrats have claimed an enormous triumph. Following accusations that Congressman Tom DeLay had engaged in questionable activities, Democrats were eager to see him investigated by the House Ethics Committee. The instant that they realized the House Speaker might be held accountable for his misdeeds, Republicans rushed to change the House ethics rules. Prior to the alteration, if an issue could not be settled by the bipartisan committee within forty-five days, said issue would automatically be opened to an independent investigation.
The new regulations allowed the ethics complaint to simply be dismissed after the forty-five day mark, thus making it possible for either party to deadlock the committee and thus prevent an investigation of any person whom they favored. Incidentally, Republican leaders stepped forth shortly after this egregious new restriction was placed around the committee’s neck and proclaimed their willingness to see DeLay investigated. Democrats knew however, that if his case went to the committee, it would merely be stonewalled and then, when no decision could be made, quickly forgotten. As such, the Democrats brought the committee to a deadlock that they said would remain in effect until the old rules were reinstated. Bowing to tremendous political pressure from their constituents around America, the Republicans finally gave in and were forced to resurrect the old, fair rules. We can expect to see more of this in the future; Republicans doing whatever they think will get them votes, and not letting their consciences act as an impediment. Now, as DeLay becomes an increasingly disliked figure, the right will slowly begin to withdraw, all the while professing their superior, “moral values,” and the Democrats’ supposed lack of.


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