Friday, April 08, 2005

Terri Schaivo Memo is a Republican Disgrace

March 26(April 8), 2005
She may be with God, but the enormous debate that the Terri Schiavo case sparked continues here in Washington. A fervor was sparked several weeks ago in Congress when a Republican memo was leaked to the press. The document urged conservative lawmakers to pursue to Schiavo case because it would, “excite the pro-life base,” and because, “this is a tough issue for Democrats.” Following the uproar over the memo, Republicans derided it as a Democratic trick, something akin to the fraudulent National Guard documents that 60 Minutes aired during the 2004 Election season. Democrats insisted that they would never do something so despicable as plant an incriminating memo (the National Guard incident, annoyingly referred to as, “Rathergate,” was an honest mistake anyway and Rather apologized when he realized his error), and they have now been proven correct.
This week, the memo was identified as originating with Bryan Darling, a senior staff member to Republican Senator Mel Martinez of Florida. Darling has since resigned. Confornted with the reality of the memo scandal, most Republicans merely shrugged it off and try to downplay the issue of their own ethical shortcomings as much as possible. Bay Buchanan, a Republican activist and participant in the recent Minuteman Project on the Arizona-Mexican border (a legitimate and understandable reaction to an Administration that absolutely refuses to take responsibility for border security), referred to darling as a, “political hack.” She also claimed that the memo had only ever been read by, “this one guy,” implying that no one but the author had seen the document before it was leaked.
According to Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist and an altogether well-mannered and sensible woman, said that this was not so.
“This is another attempt at lowball tactics,” she said, while asserting that Mel Martinez and, “many other senators,” had received the memo. She concluded by declaring that the American people thought, “Congress should butt out of these issues.”
And, indeed, it would seem that Ms. Brazile is correct. A recent Wall Street Journal-NBC poll found that fully one-third of Republicans (over thirty percent) thought that Democrats should stop President Bush from going too far in imposing his own values on the country. Considering the nine-tenths of registered Republicans voted for President Bush in the last election, this is a considerable decrease in support. Added, another poll also finds that 51% of the American people feel that the country is going in the wrong direction, as opposed to only 34% who believe it is heading in the right direction.
“The American people are getting a good glimpse of what Republicans stand for, and they don’t like it,” Brazile said.
Most Republicans would rather just dismiss these statistics than face the reality of what they represent. Robert Novak, the co-host of CNN’s Crossfire, thought that Democrats were referencing these figures because, “Maybe they’re worried about losing the Catholic vote to the Republicans or the political success in Iraq.” Indeed, we’re certain that the resounding successes in the Iraq war, what with the progressive new government, the unified constitution, and the complete lack of insurgent activity are what has the Democrats so riled these days.


Anonymous Michael said...

Tom DeLay stinks

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The liberal/Rockefeller Republicans have once again given the MSM a mace to bludgeon all Republicans with. Last month’s star-crossed attempt by liberal Republicans to expand the role of government will hurt all Republicans. Mel is an imbecile. It is starting to look like ’06 will be a rerun of ’92 when Reagan Democrats left the Republican Party in a vain attempt to find a truly conservative party. Again liberal Republicans give the MSM the weapons to drive all Republicans out of office.

Rod Stanton

2:24 AM  
Anonymous editor said...

I don't think that this is a, "liberal Republican problem," I think that it's a mainstream Republican problem. As we should ALL know, centrist politics usually work out best. Liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats (essentially the audience that this site caters to) are typically centrist and thus more effective.

8:24 AM  

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