Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Republicans Begin to Turn on DeLay

March 31(April 13), 2005
In a long anticipated move, the Republican withdrawal from Tom DeLay’s camp has now begun in earnest. Republican leaders pledged to stand by the embattled leader, but as the scandal grew it became clear that dong so could cost many of them their constituent support. Many moderate Republicans, already troubled by the serious questions surrounding DeLay’s ethical conduct, may be moved to take action. One honorable Republican, at least, has finally spoken out.
Senator Christopher Shayes, a moderate Republican from Connecticut, said that, “DeLay is an embarrassment to his party and he should step down.”
Truer words were never spoken. Among Mr. DeLay’s ethical violations are three overseas trips he took that were paid for by partisan lobbyists. Though the House Majority Leader claims to have had no knowledge that his bankrollers were lobbyists (he says that he thought they were, “non-profit conservative organizations”), a close aide to DeLay has said, “That S.O.B. knew everything.”
Even ultra-conservative Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum said, “DeLay has to come clean. He has to lay out what he did, why did it, and let the people judge.” The Wall Street Journal, that bastion of conservative laissez-fair business policy, says that DeLay has come to embody the worst aspects of big government and bis business that he purported to hate. We will be running an article within the very near future that details what Mr. DeLay is accused of.


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